Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

So what sort of toys do kids in China buy? Most of the toys in the world come from China, so is interesting to know what the kids here like. Well, it mainly centers around Japanese animation and movies like Doramon or Ultraman, but there’s another programme which is huge and it’s Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf!

Pleasant Goat

My son love it, although can’t see why. The show is on Chinese tv daily and mainly consists of two wolves trying to eat a flock or sheep and failing. A bit like Roadrunner and Coyote but a bit more violent. The female Wolf always hits her partner with a frying pan and the sheep find painful ways of fending off the wolves. For me it was fun for about 5 minutes, but after seeing one episode there’s no point in watching the other 300+!

Anyway, it’s not for me…it’s for the kids. Perhaps there will be a translated version and will hit Western airwaves in the near future!

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4 Responses to “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”

  1. filipino singles Says:

    I guess the saying is true that “God made the world and everything else is made in China”

  2. Gontage Says:

    I watch it and the sheep are EVIL to the wolf

  3. filipino friends Says:

    Yeah kinda fun and I can share this to all my filipino friends </a.

  4. tian Says:

    I love it too and its very fun

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