Michael Jackson Death

Thought I’d do a short piece on Michael Jackson death, not just report this sensationalist story which everyone else is doing, but to look at another angle. I think I was more shocked about Heath Ledger’s death, but this story will go on and on and will be compared to Diana or Elvis.

We all know about his story which in brief went from Child Star, Superstar to a Bizarre Guy – but all the way through he’s been an intensely private man, so I’d expect any official Michael Jackson Death news we’ll hear will be carefully scripted and planned.

However, this doesn’t mean the media will follow Michael Jackson’s death with just a touch of sadness and I predict over the next few weeks, the stories will follow this pattern:

- Sympathy. Everyone will feel sorry for the kids he left behind, his friends (probably Beyonce will issue a tearful statement) and family (who he didn’t see much). You’ll also see stars from the 80’s who you’ve never seen since that decade, come out and offer condolences.
- Reflection. There will be clips galore of him in action, especially from his childhood. I bet Rockin’ Robin and A B C will be the most showcased clips.
- Questions. Now the questions will be asked – how did it happen, was someone involved and so on.
- Backlash. This is what the media is all about. They will delve into his character, his spending, his quirky ways and secrets which only have been “revealed” since after his death…terrible!

The truth was he cared what people thought of him, reflected in his attempt of his many comeback gigs over the years. The damage on his PR due to the child cases brought against him as well as being in huge debt wouldn’t have helped with his death. He was a recluse and cared about illnesses, so was ironic he died this way.

He was a great man who left a huge legacy and changed music forever. That’s all I have to say, now I’m going to go outside and bask in the sun whilst thinking romantic thoughts about my love.

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3 Responses to “Michael Jackson Death”

  1. col Says:

    I was SHOCKED when I heard about Michael Jackson death yesterday! I believe he was a kind and gentle man who was miss represented and was taken advantage off because of his fame and fortune. I do believe his father is to blame. Do to his greed for cash, he pushed his kids especially Michael to perform. He defiantly missed his childhood! I hope where ever he is, he is the child he always wanted to be! RIP my friend!

  2. knoxville singles Says:

    I was impressed with Michael Jackson memorial yesterday! He seemed like a loving man who really cared about others. He will be missed by millions of fans but his legacy will live forever.

  3. tian Says:

    I know its a sad story

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