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Importance of Exploring Niches

Using eBay to automate content and make money online.

Using: PhpBay and Wordpress

Over the years I used the eBay Partner Network to make money online by selling other users products and making a commission. However fee's have increased significantly, electronic goods fee's have increased alot (previously selling old computer games was a good earner) and found it more difficult to find a niche topic which cost alot to buy but of course was cheap and small in size to send...

Using PhpBay - Download here

It's an eBay Wordpress Plugin or a stand alone API version. It pulls in listings from eBay and displays them on your existing website or blog.

A quick run-down of the features includes, a customisable template, country/geoip specific for listing items available or from a country and also has a selection of languages. I'm basing my setup on the Wordpress option. Join the eBay network, download the PhpBay Pro plugin, activate it and edit the plugins/ templates / default / phpbay.template.html to your liking.

Focusing on a Niche

My personal preference is to focus on collectable items, selling for a high price but easy to post or are small in size. It's more realistic to expect buyers to bid and purchase, rather than say selling houses or cars via eBay.

In this example below, I've focus on Animation Art Production cels which have a high retail value with single cels selling for upwards $10,000 each - particarly old disney cels or signed artwork.

Animation cels

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